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FoCAS EU FP7 (2013-2016)

The FoCAS coordination action is an umbrella project which aims to integrate, coordinate and help increase visibility for research carried out in the FOCAS Proactive Initiative and in research fields related to collective adaptive systems.

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AMBIT IT (2014-2016)

AMBIT (Algorithms and Models for Building context-dependent Information delivery Tools) is a project funded by Fondazione cassa di Risparmio di Modena, which aims at studying and develop a software architecture for the development of applications and systems context-aware, that is means able to provide users with services that can be customized on the base of the context where they are exploiting them.

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ASCENS EU FP7 (2010-2014)

The goal of the ASCENS project is to build ensembles in a way that combines the maturity and wide applicability of traditional software engineering approaches with the assurance about functional and non-functional properties provided by formal methods and the flexibility, low management overhead, and optimal utilization of resources promised by autonomic, adaptive, self-aware systems.

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SAPERE EU FP7 (2010-2013)

The SAPERE project has developed a highly-innovative theoretical and practical framework for the decentralized deployment and execution of self-aware and adaptive services for future and emerging pervasive network scenarios.

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AWARE EU FP7 (2010-2013)

Awareness is a Coordination Action that provides a supportive environment for research into self-awareness in autonomic systems, helping to create a well-connected community of researchers and conveying a coherent prospect to a wider scientific and technological audience.

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CASCADAS EU FP6 (2006-2009)

CASCADAS main goal is developing an autonomic component-based framework to enable composition, execution and deployment of innovative services capable of flexing and coping with unpredictable environments by dynamically self-adapting to situation evolutions.

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MEnSA IT MIUR PRIN (2007-2009)

The main objective of MEnSA is the creation of agent-oriented software engineering methodologies that support the development of complex software systems. The methodologies will assist the whole development processs, from the requirements analysis to the actual implementation of the systems, using a metamodel-based approach. The expected result is a contribute in filling the existing gap between agent-oriented methodologies and multi-agent technologies and infrastructures.

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